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What you should know:

Food & drink

As in all hot countries you only should eat grilled or boiled food. Tap water should be used for washing or brushing your teeth only, and is not suitable for drinking.


Photography & filming

Photographing or filming the airport or any military area is prohibited. Inhabitants should be asked for permission beforehand.


Money & exchange

1 egyptian pound (LE) = 100 piasters.

Currency import limit: max. 20 LE per person.

Exchange rate (as of January 2008) 1 euro = approx. 8 LE

There are no limits on the import of foreign currencies.

Money can be officially changed at major commercial banks and in the hotels. Traveller’s cheques are recommended.



We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should ensure you are vaccinated against Hepatitis A, tetanus, diphtheria and polio before embarking on a trip abroad. We are issuing these guidelines for your personal safety. We also recommend bringing medicines to treat stomach complaints (diarrhea etc.). Please refer to the Foreign Office and Tropical Institute websites for current information and recommendations. The Red Sea Hotels are unable to assume liability for the provision of any medical information. You alone remain responsible for your own health.


Medical care

Medical care is widely available in Egypt. Many doctors in tourist areas speak German or English. In bigger hotels doctors are available on call. In pharmacies professionals will help you with less severe problems. The provision of medicines is subject to state control, and the level of professional care can be compared with Central European standards.


Mobile phones

Mobile telephones are allowed. Your provider will inform you of the charges and availability of signals. Network coverage in tourist centres is good, although you may have some problems getting a signal in the more secluded areas.


Public transport

Egypt operates an efficient traffic network. The prices are cheap – in comparison to our standards. In the cities the taxis and shared taxis are a very economic way of getting around.


Local time

The time difference between Egyptian and Central European time (CET) is plus 1 hour in both summer and winter. (Except in the months of April and October, when there is no time difference).



The main religion in Egypt is Islam. The second largest religion is Coptic Christianity. Ramadan is the holy month. Fasting starts before sunrise and ends at sunset. Those observing Ramadan may not consume any food or drink during this period. As the Islamic calendar differs from the Christian one, Ramadan always takes place at different times of the year.


Eating out in restaurants

Please note that clothing regulations should be observed when visiting hotel restaurants. As both other hotel guests and staff may feel uncomfortable at the sight of inappropriate clothing (e.g. swimming costumes), we would politely request that you wear suitable clothing at mealtimes.



The official language is Arabic. The major foreign languages spoken are English, French and German.



In hotels or on the cruisers: 110/220V. Standard European adapters are necessary.


Tips (baksish)

Tips play a far more important role in Egypt than is the case in Europe, as the basic income is lower. Employees are happy with a 5-10% tip.


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